CSS Is Serious Programming Language!

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How to Find a Job as a CSS Developer

CSS is a style sheet language used in describing presentation of a document in HTML or other types of languages like SVG. Since there are so many CSS developers who are searching for jobs finding one is not that simple. A lot of preparation and research needs to be done to get a job as a CSS developer.

Finding a job as a CSS developer requires two vital tasks such as setting and following your goals.

You can also use the latest tools to enter the job market.

Build your qualifications

Before you start looking for a job as a CSS developer, ensure that your resume is complete and up to date. Your CV is a vital distillation of where you come from? Where you are located? And what you can be able to provide. Do not make up information on the resume because it will come back to haunt you later. When you are describing what you did on your last job the sentences should be active as possible. Say on what areas on CSS are you experienced in. Before submitting the resume proofread a few times for spelling errors. Even a few things like commas could impact your chances of finding a job as a CSS developer. The resume should be kept classic. Use simple fonts and avoid using italic lettering. Make sure that your name and contact details have been displayed clearly.

candidate-interview-preparationPrepare for the interview

Most interviews especially in large IT companies begin with a question such as tell me about yourself. The interviewer is not interested to know where you grew up or the school you went. He or she is interested to know whether you have experience in CCS or if you have worked as a developer before. The interviewer is also interested to know the reason why you want to work at the company. It is important that you keep it brief for around 30 seconds. You might also be asked problems that you have encountered and handled them as a developer. The interviewer will also want to know how you are going to perform if you are faced with obstacles in the company.

Research the company

Doing research about the company online is not enough. Find out about their mission. Keep this in mind that you are competing with so many candidates for a position as a CSS developer. Before the date of the interview visit the company and talk to a few people who are working there. Ask them how they are feeling working there and for how long the position of a CSS developer has been open. You can also ask about the history of the company? Who manages the company? And who started it?

When you go for an interview, it is important that you dress well. If you dress well you will create a good impression. You also have to be mindful of your profile online. There are some employees who check Facebook pages and other social media. When you are searching for a job as a CSS developer sometimes you might be rejected. If this happens it means that you are not putting yourself well out there. But do not give up learn to see the rejections as a chance to improve your approach. This way you will not have a hard time getting a job as a CSS developer.


Pros and Cons of Being a CSS Developer


For a developer, especially a new comer, using a CSS framework is like driving an automatic car. It is simpler, automatic and does not require too much effort like changing gear and being extra attentive with the speed limit.

A CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a simple text-based system which is used for formatting of web pages or apps. A developer can make the most of it by using information, specified codes for formatting a huge set of web pages with few simple clicks.


dfgdfgPros of CSS

  • Uniform style across all web pages

It allows a uniform style of content across the web pages. Any change in the format can be uniformly made by the developer to the entire document by changing it at one place. Also, the responsibility of formatting rests on a single unit of developers, irrespective of the volume of the organisation and its database. This makes the work more precise and specific.

  • Allows cross-browser functionality

Using a CSS framework, a developer can save his efforts on ensuring that website or web app appears in the same format across all varities of browsers. It is pre-coded to appear the same on all browsers without letting the developer go through the trouble of doing so manually.

  • Symmetrical layouts

The multi-coulumn arrangements, lining up of borders and sidebars are all taken care of automatically in CSS framework, adding to a developer’s convenience.

  • Developer unconsciously gets into habit of good web design

By using a CSS framework, a developer unconsciously develops a good habbit of including stylesheets. For instance, he or she will ensure a well-defined print stylesheet to be used in every web page. This automatically brings a consistency in the web design.

  • Repetition of codes can save time

For an experience CSS developer, working with the pre-defined set of codes repeatedly can turn out to be an advantage. It will not only save time but also does away with risks of errors. Repeating codes can enhance speed in the long run.

indexCons of CSS

  • Slow speed of CSS

Downloading a HTML file takes fractions of seconds. However, downloading it with a CSS file can take much longer consuming alot of developer’s time.

  • Security lapse from overriding

As the CSS data is in the form simple text type, it can be changed and overridden very easily, raising security concerns. This system does not have any in-built security mechanism. Anyone who has the authority or access to reading or writing on the particular website can make changes that automatically apply to the entire range of documents.

  • Can complicate templates

Since any CSS link working within a template sometimes does not work when the template is being put to use while creating the web page, a developer may get troubled. The CSS link can end up complicating the templates.

  • Confines the freedom to have own style of content

Since a CSS framework always comes with limitations of pre-defined codes, grids and selectors, a developer falls into the dilemma of limiting his scope of designing. He is confined to the same framework with the inability to experiment in layout size, grid width and other parameters.


Amid the pros and cons the advantages weigh more for CSS. However, it is imperative for CSS developers to consider all the disadvantages before taking on to the task of formatting bulky web content to avoid complications.


5 CSS Tips and Tricks

There are a number of cool tricks that can be used with CSS to make the layouts appear better as well as quicken the tasks being performed. Here are 5 helpful tips and tricks.


1. Use Browser Specific Properties

For quite a while, now many browsers have not been able to fully implement the new CSS3 properties and in the end some may not become W3C recommendations. To counter this, it is important to use browser specific properties, distinguishing them from the standard properties before replacing them with the standard properties when they are superfluous. You should know that websites do not have to look the same in all browsers so it is okay and wise to target browser specific properties for certain effects.

2. Redesign your border radius

You can escape from the common border radius with 90-degree corners that are all square shaped. To add some more creativity to your border radius, try out rounded corners instead of the square ones. The new CSS3 enables you to set rounded corners. This design is supported on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and is also used by twitter. It is a nice futuristic design you can create using CSS3. You can even use images to create border radiuses

3. Use CSS to scale buttons

You can use CSS to create a number of well-scaled buttons for your blog. Using RGBA you can add color mode and alpha blending to your favorite CSS properties. The RGBA colors can be used to scale a button and create a button of any color with a white or black background. This button can attract attention because of its distinct look so if you want to draw attention to a particular button or to get your visitors to click on a particular button, use RGBA.


4. Make underlines look fancy

It is not fun having to underline the same way with the solid line. What if you wanted to use a dotted line. Well CSS has 3 properties that can decorate text.

  • – Text decoration color
  • – Text decoration line
  • – Text decoration style

It is possible to shorthand these commands into the text decoration. You can now make the text blink, put a unique overline or have a nice style underline for the text. At the moment though this is only supported by Firefox and you would have to enable experimental web platform features to get it to work on Chrome.

5.Manage Tables

Many times you may find yourself with a table that has different content size per cell and it is very hard to keep it within the width specified, however, hard you may try. Well, you can now use the table-layout feature on CSS. Using this feature, you can assign a fixed layout for the table as well as the cell width. This makes the table dimension determined by the preferred settings, not the content. You can use this on any browser.

Find more tips and tricks

There are a number of other tricks you can use. Many of them you may just stumble upon as you experiments with different codes you can also visit chat forums to see what other CSS users are sharing.